photo 4I have been running my own business since 2007 when I set-up Journal Craft – an online store specialising in Art Journaling supplies.  However, although the business is built around a passion of mine, I found I missed working with other people.

I therefore started looking for something that I could do alongside my existing business.  I looked long and hard, did a lot of research and found plenty of internet marketing ‘opportunities’.  Whilst these seemed to offer a good potential income, I did not feel truly comfortable with the ethics behind many of these businesses.  So I  kept looking … eventually I found a business that was built on strong principles that I could identify with.

However, beyond the products, the main focus of this business is really in helping other people work for themselves too. Where else can you get rewarded for developing others? In most traditional business models this simply does not apply.

My background

Prior to having children (now 19 and 16) I worked in the financial services industry as a Management Information Systems Manager, and prior to that in Customer Services and Training, so I have a good background in supporting and training others.   I am also trained in Energetic NLP and hold an NLP coaching certificate.  Whilst running my current business I have learnt a great deal about internet marketing, social media and business systems.